Destination Wedding Trends

by Liz Scull


Giving back

Adorable little girl holds thank you sign during food drive

The act of giving back to a disadvantaged community in the destination you marry has seen a huge surge over the last year. In lieu of gifts, couples ask for donations to a charity or school and pre-arrange a visit to drop off the donations. It not only gives the couple and their guests a good feeling about what they have done, but more importantly, it is helping out those in need.



Walking his little girl down the aisle

At the entrance to the ceremony, place your cell phone in the basket provided, that is what more and more couples are asking their guests to do. It’s not only annoying to see guests with arms in the air taking pics or video, but it can also spoil the wedding pics being taken by a professional photographer, especially during your first dance as a
married couple.


Cultural Experiences


Cultural-inspired weddings seem to be on the rise, especially in Mexico where authentic Mayan weddings are gaining popularity and
giving couples that unique experience they all hunger for. The ceremony includes all the local customs of the Mayan day including
traditional chanting, drumming and dancing and being married by a Shaman. This experience is truly mesmerizing and spiritual.


S’mores beach party


This is a perfect, light-hearted way to gather friends and family for the night before the wedding or perhaps after the reception. The resort will set up your s’mores bar on a private section of the beach. It will be complete with everything you need including a fire pit and sticks for roasting marshmallows.


Light up the sky


What better way to celebrate your love than to end your reception with a colorful fireworks display. We are also seeing fireworks during the ceremony and reception with stand up flares that explode into a vertical spray of sparkling light that shoots high into the air. Rest assured, resorts ensure the safety of all guests and fireworks are set off in locations approved as such.


It’s pawsome!


Not even your fur baby should miss your big day. Some resorts are now permitting dogs to stay on property and receive the royal treatment. The resort will provide all you need with soft plush doggie beds, bowls, and grassy areas to do their business.


Themed Weddings


Couples are going all out in ways to make their destination wedding unique with themed weddings. With creative décor and themed attire, you can marry your “Superman” with a comic hero theme or
medieval style with a “Game of Thrones” wedding. Why not say your vows on your greatest day with “The Greatest Showman?”


DIY food stations


A great alternative to a buffet-style dinner, many resorts offer a variety of food stations such as fish, beef, chicken, bbq, salad, dessert, etc. serving up local or international dishes freshly cooked on the spot. It also avoids those long strings of guests on the buffet line.


A new twist on trash the dress


This trend continues in popularity and resorts are taking notice by offering couples a new venue for a photo session that takes Trash the Dress to a whole new level. At Chic Punta Cana, the resort features a “Mermaid Pool” where couples can trash the dress

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Destination Wedding Trends - by Liz Scull

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