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About Roxanne

  • How long have you been planning destination weddings?
    10 years

  • Why did you choose to become a Destination Wedding Specialist?
    Being a South Pacific and Australia Specialist as well, these destinations are very attractive to brides and work well for being a Destination Wedding Specialist as well. My Experience with Weddings applies beyond just the South Pacific to the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe, specifically Italy and France.

  • What’s your favorite part of the job?
    Working with the Bride and Groom to determine what type of wedding event is right for their lifestyle and budget, then figuring out how to make it extra special and memorable with the "little extras".

  • Which destination is your favorite and why?
    I love island weddings so working in South Pacific with Tahiti and Fiji are my favorites.

  • Do you have a wedding story you would like to share with us?
    I had a bride walk in who wanted to get married in Tahiti. They didn¹t think very many family members would participate and she wasn¹t very particular about the details. As we started talking and planning, I was actual able to work with her in planning the color scheme, the flower, etc. It was fun to be more involved in the process. On top of it, we created a flyer for them to share in addition to the online Honeymoon registry. They had twice as many people as expected fly from all over the country to participate in their ceremony.

  • Do you have a quick tip for us?
    Start planning at least 9 - 12 months ahead of time to get the best date and site selection at your desired destination. Think about your favorite way to relax and unwind or your ultimate fantasy destination, and then be open to looking at destinations which encompass those travel details most important to you. Sometimes the unexpected destinations provide the best experiences!

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