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About Cindy

  • Why did you choose to become a Destination Wedding Specialist?
    I love making brides and grooms happy by taking the stress out of all the research it takes to find the perfect destination! They also do not have to worry about any travel arrangements for themselves or their guests. I do those arrangements and the couple can direct guest questions directly to me.

  • What’s your favorite part of the job?
    Helping my clients find the perfect destination and resort and see them so happy.

  • Which destination is your favorite and why?
    I love all the destinations. They all have their own personality, whether it be fun, active, adventure, quiet. As the agent, it is my job to fit the right destination and resort with the client.

  • Do you have a wedding story you would like to share with us?
    Great wedding story with a happy ending. Several years ago, my bride spent quite a bit of time choosing her destination and resort to fit her and her guests needs and budget. She chose the Maya Riviera. Well, about a week or so before the wedding and travel would begin, a huge hurricane developed (it was September). The great thing about hurricanes is we can track them with great accuracy. The hurricane was going to hit the Maya Riviera a couple of days before travel would commence. I made the executive decision for her to cancel the Maya Riviera and change the wedding to Punta Cana. I had already checked availability with a similar resort. All guests had trip insurance, so there was no extra costs. The bride was devastated and was having trouble making the decision. I explained to her if we did not commit now, that there would be no availability and no wedding! She consented and all had a terrific time in sunny Punta Cana.

  • Do you have a quick tip for us?
    Plan as far ahead as you can. Try to know who your guests will be for certain. Will there be children for sure? If not, that opens up many more resorts to choose from. Talk it up before you have even signed the group contract. Be prepared to deposit for all rooms, knowing you will get that money back as your guests deposit. Have a realistic budget and take airfare into consideration.

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